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│       ├── do-not-trust-in-man
│       ├── dieu-donne
│       └── constantly-transfigured
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└── appendix (You are here!)

Glossary of terms

Digerati(Digital + literati) Literate in the digital space.
StewardResponsible in allocation, management, and oversight of resources to create long-term value.
TinkererRepairs, tweaks, and explores the inner workings of machines and systems. (paraphrased)

Fixing and experimenting with machines, devices, and other systems and their constituent parts (hardware, software and micro-systems).
EtymologyStudy of the origin and evolution of a word's semantic meaning across time, including its constituent parts (morphemes and phonemes)
Pro bonoShort for 'pro bono publico' a Latin term meaning 'for the public good'. In short it means: the offering of free services.
For Stan, sometimes there's indirect compensation like: the possibility of future work or attribution (which could work as marketing) hence payment in kind 😉.
Some mentees have 'bought me coffee' years later as a gesture; another reason to keep me going 🤩, no pressure.

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