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Building ​

Consolidated efforts in my building journey

My mantra - invoke the builder within and serve

I broadly categorise what I do into: Building and Serving.
Discover additional information about Building below πŸ‘‡, and Serving here.

Skills and Competencies ​

I'm well versed in the Agile-Scrum framework
Worked remotely for 8+ years

  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Team Leadership
  • DevOps and Productivity Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Product Documentation and Technical Writing
Want help with something?
I'm available to assist, and explore synergies and potential collaborations.

Software Engineering ​

As a software engineer, I'm in the business of solving problems with tools (Programming languages, devices, and other technologies)

My engineering philosophy leans on Coding is like plastic; there's already much of it in the world meaning that:

  • I seek out non-technical solutions in addition to technical ones
  • I strive to reuse and repurpose code, not reinvent the wheel
  • I empower others by creating tools, templates and workflows for productivity

Languages I chiefly write in ​


Retired (but write periodically) ​


Technical Team Leadership and People Management ​

Beyond serving as a Senior Engineer, I have chosen to accept people management roles as a technical team lead in some teams:

and for a number of my mentees: (Discussing and planning upskilling efforts and career changes)

Tools and Resources ​


I implore that self-mastery and self development is important. Some tools I use are:

For career development and upskilling, I create personalised skills matrices per individual (factoring in skills-gap, role, and aspiration). To get the idea consider these:

DevOps and Productivity Engineering ​

  • Creating CI/CD pipelines
    • Deploying to various cloud providers
  • Improving developer workflow
    Leveraging tools and cutting local and CI/CD build time for productivity

Amazon AWSApache AirflowCircleCIDigitalOceanDockerFirebaseGitHub actionsGoogle CloudHerokuNetlifySlack

Product Management ​

As mentioned earlier in Skills and Competencies, I'm well versed in the Agile - Scrum framework; both as a participant and a lead.

I organise the four key scrum ceremonies:

  • Sprint planning
  • Stand-up
  • Sprint review
  • Sprint retrospective (Retro)

Break down work into stories and epics, organise them into sprints, collaborate with stakeholders and chart product roadmaps.

I have served in this capacity in organizations, and personal and family projects:

Tools and Reference ​


Here's a guide to scrum by Atlassian.

Since specific tools are opinionated and thereby affect how we do things, I've considered:

Product Documentation and Technical Writing ​

  • I employ the Doc-as-code approach
  • I champion DiΓ‘taxis framework of technical documentation
    This is a systematic framework for technical documentation authoring.
    DiΓ‘taxis identifies four modes of documentation - tutorials, how-to guides, technical reference and explanation. It derives its structure from the relationship between them.

Tools ​


Passion projects ​

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