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Stanley Ndagi

Software Engineering and Digital Products Professional

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Mantra: invoke the builder within and serve. More on this...
I broadly categorise what I do into: Building and Serving
Digerati • Steward • Tinkerer
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Digerati, Steward, and Tinkerer is the most concise way I choose to describe myself all-round, not just professionally

I go into details in my About page. Otherwise, here's a concise list:

# Professionally
Engineering and Product (Software)
- Engineering: Full-Stack & DevOps
- Product: Management & Documentation
- Technical Team Lead

# Faith

# Others
- Tech Community lead
- Author and Editor (English & Swahili)
- Open Source contributor and maintainer
- Consultant (pro bono and for hire)
- Mentor

... the list continues

Digerati • Steward • Tinkerer

Digerati - (Digital + literati) Literate in the digital space.
Steward - Accountable for distributing, handling, and supervising assets to generate lasting worth.
Tinkerer - repairs, tweaks, and explores the inner workings of machines, tools, models, and systems.
As an enthusiast of etymology (the origins of words), I often delve deep into the meta aspect of them. You can find further information in my glossary.
I lead TechKln in championing digital literacy
Global citizen as salt and light. Read on...