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I'm honoured to be a GitHub star

My GitHub star profile

GitHub Stars Program

The program is summarized as follows:

GitHub Stars are a diverse set of individuals that inspire, educate, and influence those around them. They are experts and technical leaders who passionately share their expertise with others. From open source innovators and content creators to speakers and offline community leaders, they can be from anywhere, pursuing any project.

Participants use the platform to widen their impact and contribute to the greater tech community.


Since the program was announced in 2020, I saw a list of familiar and non-familiar faces. I went ahead to nominate 3 individuals twice (3 was the limit of nominees you could make at one go). The only feedback one gets from the program is a banner that the nomination(s) has been accepted.

Somewhere along the way I noticed, in passing, that an acquaintance was part of the program: Serah Rono 👏 (How hadn't I thought of her? Well, I could say that she's no longer living in Kenya; so out of sight, out of mind, but aren't we all #GlobalCitizens) All the same, it's wonderful seeing people you know on a global pedestal creating impact!

Her profile is stellar! (That's an archived page since she's served her term in 2021 and decided to step down)

Accepting the nomination

Thank you everyone who nominated me.

Like any nomination, you accept or reject it. I accepted!. Reasons:

  • I stand to reach more people (Hopefully I'm of service 😄)
  • This is not a job
  • I get to showcase my work
  • I help shape the future of GitHub (A glorified beta-tester for GitHub. This is right up my alley, read beta-tester)
  • As a bonus, there are some perks.
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