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It's been a great run at Andela

72 months - Yes, that's 49 months.

The acronym TIA could be expanded to various trios of words depending on who you ask.

For me, it has had no other meaning apart from "This Is Andela" for the last 4 years. I realized this when one time a colleague 'inappropriately' appended 'TIA' to a slack message one time. I had to seek clarification on what they meant. Apparently, in this case, it was "Thanks in advance". Oh, the perplexed look I would have received if we were face to face! Well, thanks to the distributed nature of our work, I will never tell.

So what's the big deal about "This Is Andela"? TIA is meant to shift the attitude from the negative "This is Africa" phrase alluding to the challenges faced in Africa to the positive future of the digital revolution being written across cities in Africa!

I carry a lot from my time in Andela. Paramount of which, the charge of striving to impact the world for far longer than I will be here to witness.

I think of all humanity as being on a journey of becoming! Today marks Andela's mark in my journey 🥂.

Andela 2016

Signing out!
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