My story

Hi, I'm Stanley M. Ndagi, alias Stan_MD or simply Stan.

Digerati β€’ Steward β€’ Tinkerer is the most concise way I choose to describe myself.

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In a nutshell


  • πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ is Kenyan (by birth)
  • 🌍 identifies as a global citizen
  • πŸ’» mostly works remotely
  • ✍️ enjoys writing
    Read my thoughts, logs, posts, tutorials among other pen-strokes at Writing.
  • πŸ₯Ύ likes the outdoors (hiking, camping)
  • πŸ™ is a believer of Jesus Christ.
    More on this ...

What I do

I'm a professional in the Software Engineering and Product space who is technically adept, a steward of diverse matters and interests, and tinkers with machines, tools, and systems.

Personal Mantra

invoke the builder within and serve

What the Mantra means

Besides being a creative (building and assembling stuff in the digital and physical world, and tinkering), I choose to go beyond self and work on impacting others.

This mantra reminds me of this identity; calling me to action πŸ‘‰ Building and Serving!

How I work

Based on the 6 types of Working geniuses1, I thrive as an Wonderer, Enabler, Inventor, and Galvanizer.

Meaning that my mottos (according to the model) are:

  • Wonderer - Let's think about it
  • Enabler: Let me help you get things done
  • Inventor: Let's figure it out
  • Galvanizer: Let's move forward

Read more about the 6 types of Working geniuses (and figure out yours) in my post here.

Building and Serving


Building is expressed in:

  • Software engineering
  • DevOps and Productivity Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Passion projects

These efforts are expounded in Building.


Serving, on the other hand, is expressed in:

  • Leading - Taking up leadership opportunities to synergize efforts towards a common goal and coaching to unlock the potential of my team
  • Giving
  • Teaching - Wholesomely breaking barriers, real or imagined!
    Technical writing and Giving talks are ways I do this.
  • Mentoring - individuals or groups seek me out directly, via platforms like ADPlist and programs
Book a mentorship session with me

... the list continues (It's a lifelong journey)

These efforts are expounded in Serving.

Career milestones and worthy mentions

See more on LinkedIn.

Talks, Panels and Interviews

I find opportunities to share my knowledge and expertise:

Caught on Camera

The rest

  • Panelist at Associates Tech Forum (A forum of my university alma mater) speaking on the topic: How technology can impact our everyday lives and careers.
  • I introduced my audience to Docker in the cloud at Forloop Abuja in 2017
    Slide deck
  • I introduced my audience to containerization using Docker at Nairobi Ruby community in 2016
    Slide deck

Written pieces

Read more of my writing here.

Recognition and Honours

Favourite quotes

Act the way you want to act, and soon you'll be the way you act

Start with the necessary, then to the possible. In no time, you'll be doing the impossible

A leader is best when people barely know you exist. When their work is done, and their aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves!

Et al (Others)


See my approach to casting an annual personal vision here.


Peruse my library of miscellaneous interests here.

Elsewhere on the web

Find out where else on the web you can find me here.

Chat/ Call me

πŸ’¬ Again, if you want to chat, reach out through these platforms
OR πŸ€™ set up sometime on my calendar if you prefer a call/ meetup πŸ˜„


1 6 Working geniuses is a book by Patrick Lencioni. Find out more at This intro video gives you the gist of it and there are more resources to peruse.
You can also read my blog entry about the model.

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