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A vision is a mental picture that can be used to direct one's actions as a guide providing a sense of purpose. Here's a deep dive into my philosophy and some of those over the years.


Certain aspects of an individual's vision are personal and nuanced. We won't get into that. Here I'll share my approach to casting an annual personal vision.

About my vision casting process

It's said time and tide wait for no man. As far as planning for one's time goes, I think that new year resolutions is the single most common time people zero-in on this. Yet, some forget theirs; days, if not weeks, later; clouded by the day-to-day of life. I too was a fan until recently.


As an alternative to a long bulleted list forming a New Year’s resolution, I came across the OneWord365’s philosophy, in 2018. It advocates for choosing one word for the year instead. A word that sums up your vision for your year since one word is easier to remember than a page long new year's resolution.

One word versus a one year resolution!

Over the years

This is not a new concept in any sense. I know several churches, at least in my part of the world 😄, that have a 'word' for the year annually. (word is in quotes since it rarely is a single word)

This is how I do it. I stick to a single one! Basically, I prayerfully and meditatively settle on one word to guide me every year or more.

Talk of the significance of words!

It is a matter of Faith and Focus, tried and tested over a few years so far. I recommend it whenever I can.

Here are my musings on the same:

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