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Consolidated efforts in my serving journey

My mantra - invoke the builder within and serve

I broadly categorise what I do into: Building and Serving.
Discover additional information about Building here, and Serving below 👇.


Leading - Taking up leadership opportunities to synergize efforts towards a common goal and coaching to unlock the potential of my team.

These include:


I figure that I'm a product of others before and around me, figuratively, I stand on the shoulders of giants. I seek to pay it forward (serving God's purpose in my generation). Giving is an expression of obedience, yes, but also of gratitude, trust, and increasing joy.


Wholesomely breaking barriers, real or imagined!
Technical writing and Giving talks are ways I do this.


Individuals or groups seek me out directly, via platforms like ADPlist and programs

Book a mentorship session with me

Why mentoring?

One, I believe in so many aspects of life, we stand on the shoulders of giants, hence it's prudent to pay for your privilege and graces forward by offering it to others.
Two, the book One Minute Mentoring gives insight on this in a characteristic parable format. It opines that mentoring leads to professional and personal success for both parties.

I've been a volunteer mentor in the following programs:

  • Kamilimu (Kenyan non-profit), 2017
  • FrauenLoop gUG (German non-profit), 2017-2018
  • Youth and Success Association (Kenyan non-profit), 2019
  • Bridging The Gap (An initiative by my Alumni), 2019-2020

I've spared over 1,500 minutes in sessions to offer advice, share resources and give relevant bits of my professional and life journey in a bid towards professional and personal success for both parties.

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