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Talk: Skillfull Hands - Tech Angle ​

Event ​

I share references that augment my talk at the 2nd edition of Skilful Hands program led by the TOT Y-church (Tent of Testimonies Youth Church)

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Overall advice ​

Learn how to get stuff done, 44th USA President, Barack Obama

Video link

It's on Youtube, πŸŽ‰
I start here and it continues here (the first 5 minutes)

Tech, defined ​

TLDR: Too Long Don't Read (Summary)

TLDR: Tech, defined ​

Tech - tooling to get things done

Long form: Tech, defined ​

Tech is short for technology.

The etymology of techno-logy From Greek tekhnologia meaning 'systematic treatment', which comes from:

  • tekhnΔ“ (Greek word meaning 'art, craft')
  • -logia (from French -logie or medieval Latin -logia) denoting a subject of study or interest

Of course, most won't think about systematic treatment when they hear the word technology or rather tech. The term has morphed over time and I think it still will.

In one way, tech is connoted as the new way of doing things and one's vantage point relative to this. Consider high-tech, low-tech, technophobia (the fear of new technology), ...

In another, on a common speak level, tech connotes computing devices, their use. Consider "Nowadays tech products are ubiquitous"

I think the definition, will still morph in the future.

Digital literacy ​

TLDR: Digital literacy ​

Digital literacy - literacy of tools πŸ”₯

Long form: Digital literacy ​

Literacy of tools like:

Tech Skills ​

  • Media

    • Photography
  • Digital Marketing

    • Social Media
  • Content

    • Copywriting
    • Technical content
  • Programming

    • Web
    • Systems
    • Game dev
  • CyberSecurity

  • Digital Products (Career options + progressions)

    • Engineering
      • CTO
      • EM (Engineering Manager)
    • IT
    • PM (Product manager)
    • UX (User experience)
    • CX (Customer experience)
    • DX (Developer experience)
    • Community management
    • PD (Product Designer)
  • Business angle

    • Business stage - Start-up, Enterprise
    • Business type - B2B, B2C
    • Funding - investment rounds

The list continues...

Considerations ​

  • Skill inflation
    refers to the phenomenon where the average level of knowledge and competencies required for a particular job role or industry increases over time

    Therefore, you need a growth mindset

  • Tech adjacent areas

  • Pivoting from other careers

  • Product to market

Learning to code; Programming ​


There’s value in learning how to code. It's a high-demand skill that pays well.

Video link - EVERYTHING you need to know about learning to code in 2023


  • Self-taught
  • University

How ​

Like learning anything new, it's a process that requires discipline. There's the place of talent and exposure but overall, attentive repetition πŸ”.

When you start out coding, you'll:

  • Spend more time reading code than writing it
  • Readable code is better than code that looks smart
  • Breaking things is going to be part of your life

Web programming ​

    • Framework
  • API - CRUD
  • Databases
    • SQL/ NoSQL
    • Relational DBs scale better in the long term
  • Backend languages
  • CMS
  • Algorithms
  • Design

Pitfalls ​

  • Tutorial hell

  • Keep up the momentum

  • Keeping up w/ the status quo (This is general)
    What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Mark 8:36

    Because, it can get stressful, many have coping mechanisms to get a high quickly and get back to the grind. These are prevalent:

    • drugs (psychedelics - mental clarity, fight depression etc.)
    • porn
    • drinking (Even PFA has shared stories about his campus days of doctors getting into drinking to cope)
    • etc

Stages of competence ​

  • Do 1 thing - Happy path
  • Do the 1 thing well (improve)
  • Edge cases
    • Breaking something then fixing it
    • You find yourself at a stage in the flow
    • Something is not working as expected
  • How did we get here
  • Compare
  • Know enough to be opinionated

Jobs, Interviews ​

Jobs, interviews, it's about:

  • putting your best foot forward
    • Credentials (Free, Sponsorship, Paid) English Credential
    • Portfolio From internships From tutorials
  • consider the market
    • competition (Think of it like Real Estate comp)
    • popular tools eg. REACT

Keep in mind; You're employed to be deployed!

Leverage experience to get ahead - Think of it like staircase steps.

Extra ​

Structural Engineering analogies ​

Architect ​

An architect starts from:

  • stone - other materials - cement, wood
  • wall - other features - roof, windows
  • bungalow
  • duplex
  • apartment building

Plumbing ​

DevOps - Pipelines (CI/CD)

Homework πŸ˜ƒ ​

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