Vue-Django - 500+ GitHub stars

500 GitHub stars and counting… ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

On my dated open-source page: in new window, the first project I have quoted is VueDjangoopen in new window; a full-featured Webpack setup of a VueJS 2.x app with hot-reload, lint-on-save, unit testing & css extraction integrated into a Django 2.x application.

It has over 500 stars on GitHub now! 🔥


Python is my main tool of trade as a Software/ Data Engineer. In a previous project, I challenged myself to use Django and VueJS hand-in-hand. It was a photo-editing applicationopen in new window (Don’t mind the missing image on the homepage, is no longer up. I use imguropen in new window these days 😉)

Here is its codebaseopen in new window. I had worked on another application with the same technical requirements: VueJS and Django: not-by-mightopen in new window. The only difference between the two is that I used semantic UI on one (the former) and Bootstrap on another (the latter).

Back to vue-django. This project has three variations:

  • Django 1.* - Vue 1.*
  • Django 1.* - Vue 2.*
  • Django 2.* - Vue 2.*

It's made such that by following these stepsopen in new window, you have a project similar to what is hosted hereopen in new window and you are ready to go.

Community activity

Since this project was a fork from vuejs-templates/webpackopen in new window I decided to separate it so that I can track stars and forks. I looked forward to handling issues that are raised by people using this starter-pack and it proved successful.

Since then the project has had:

Referenced severally in articles, conference talks and forums: (Search for vue-django. In some cases it's deep within the content)

Outdated references (As at 2022)

Listed among popular libraries:

Outdated library (As at 2022)

Vue-Django is on OpenCollectiveopen in new window (should anyone want to back it or support the project)

I’m honoured. Let’s keep up the good work 💪.

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