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Tech & the Christian ​

Being a digerati, I incorporate tech in my Christian walk

Professor Hulk

Here's Professor Hulk a fictional character co-created by the one Stan Lee. If you're a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, you'll get it.

List of tools and resources ​

Below is a non-exhaustive list of tools and resources I use plus causes/ initiatives that, in my view, are using tech notably to advance the Kingdom of God. I hope they prove insightful if not useful.

Here you'll find volunteer opportunities, apps and software you can use, communities you can join and causes you can support.

1. YouVersion ​

Your own version of the Bible

🤩 More about YouVersion

2. Bible Project ​

The Bible in animated videos

✨ More about BibleProject

3. Read Scripture ​

An app plus downloadable pdf to guide you to read through the Bible in a year

Scripture Labs (A deeper study by Read Scripture)

4. ​

Daily Prayer, Bedtime stories

Allows faith-based communities and non-profits to sell premium audio

Bible app (YouVersion), released a prayer feature hence I don't use any more.

5. ​

Well documented API claiming to offer the largest collection of Bibles available

6. Look at the Book ​

Learn to read the Bible for yourself

7. The Digital Bible library ​

Maintained by the United Bible Societies, this is the global repository for scripture translations

8. Every Tribe Every Nation ​

With a vision to make God’s Word accessible to all people by 2033; Eradicating Bible poverty

See what it takes to translate the bible.

9. Open Church ​

They ask an intriguing question: What if we could do more for God’s Kingdom while spending less on resources? Photographers, developers, intercessors among others can get involved.

10. Top 30 Resources for Christian Hackathons ​

Some of these are specifically for these kind of hackathons but others cut across the board.

11. Open Source Church software ​

Listed in this gist on GitHub

12. Future dot Bible ​

The Top Level Domain (TLD), .BIBLE has been there for a while. Future.Bible is a podcast from the creators of the TLD. You can get your own domain here.

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