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Google Meet

Google Meet with co-hosts

This is a feature that allows you to add co-hosts to your meeting. This is useful when you want to have someone else manage the meeting while you focus on the content.

If hosting options are available, co-hosts can:

  • Mute or remove other participants
  • Manage participants
  • Limit who can share their screen, send chat messages, and more
  • Start or stop recording (and transcription)
  • Start or stop live streaming (if available)
  • Create breakout rooms (if available)

How to add co-hosts

Follow the steps below to add co-hosts to your meeting:

  1. Schedule an event on Google Calendar
  2. Add the co-hosts as guests
  3. Click on "Add Conferencing"
  4. Select "Google Meet" (most likely the default)
  5. Click on the cog icon to open the conference call settings
  6. Edit as required
  7. Under "Guests" add the co-hosts
  8. Click on "Save" to close the conference call settings
  9. Click on "Save" to save the event

Below is a visual step-by-step reference

Alternatively view the steps here

Like these steps? Use this link to sign up for the tool I'm using. PS: It's a referral link. #ThankYouInAdvance 🙏

How to remove co-hosts

Co-hosts can be added and removed as your meeting progresses.

Supplementary information to cover

Google Meet with:

  • breakout rooms
  • live streaming
  • recording
  • transcription
  • polls
  • Q&A
  • hand raising
  • whiteboard
  • background blur
  • background replacement
  • noise cancellation
  • low-light mode
  • grid view
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